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Yangzhou DongTai Battery Factory established in 1988 ,is a professional manufacturer of solar battery series products .It has been successfully providing solar battery market multiple solutions which including production,marketing and customer service. DongTai has dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful custom service.Our experienced staff members are always available to listen to your requirements and ensure customer satisfaction .The capacity of our batteries is not false, and the quality has passed CE testing. We also have UN38.3, MSDS, dangerous package certificates to ensure safe and timely delivery of batteries to customers.

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Product Detail

Brand Name TORCHN
Model Number TR2600
Name 12.8v 200ah lifepo4 battery
Battery Type Long Cycle Life
Cycle Life 4000 Cycles 80%DOD
Protection BMS Protection
Warranty 3years or 5years
lithium battery


This product enjoys many merits: long cycle life, high safety standard from software protection to strong housing, exquisite looks, and easy installation, etc. It is widely used in energy storage system with off-grid inverters, grid-connected inverters and hybrid inverters.


Deep cycle 12v 200ah lithium battery.The product belongs to one of the series of household energy storage products that are independently designed and developed by us. It is used for energy storage and energy supply to household commercial,UPS and other electrical equipment.



Technical Specifification                                                                             Condition / Note
Model TR1200 TR2600 /
Battery Type LiFeP04 LiFeP04 /
Rated Capacity 100AH 200AH /
Nominal Voltage 12.8V 12.8V /
Energy About 1280WH About 2560WH /
End of Charge Voltage 14.6V 14.6V 25±2℃
End of Discharge Voltage 10V 10V 25±2℃
Max continuous charge current 100A 150A 25±2℃
Maximum Continuous Discharging Current 100A 150A 25±2℃
Nominal Charge/Discharge Current 50A 100A /
Over-Charge Voltage Protection(cell) 3.75±0.025V /
Over charge detection delay time 1S /
Overcharge release voltage(cell) 3.6±0.05V /
Over-discharge Voltage Protection(cell) 2.5±0.08V /
Over discharge detection delay time 1S /
Over discharge release voltage(cell) 2.7±0.1V or charge release
Over-Current Discharge Protection With BMS Protection /
Short circuit protection With BMS Protection /
Short circuit protection Release Disconnect load or charge activation /
Cell Dimension 329mm*172mm*214mm 522mm*240mm*218mm /
Weight ≈11Kg ≈20Kg /
Charge and discharge port M8 /
Standard Warranty 5Years /
Series and parallel operation mode Max.4 Pcs in Series /






1. Do you accept customization?

Yes, customization is accepted.

(1) We can customize the color of the battery case for you. We have produced red- black,yellow-black,white-green and orange-green shells for customers, usually in 2 colors.

(2) You can also customize the logo for you.

2. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Normally yes, if you have a freight forwarder in China to handle the transportation for you. We also have stock.One battery can also be sold to you, but the shipping fee will normally be more expensive.

3. What are the payment terms?

Normally 30% T/T deposit and 70% T/T balance before shipment or negotiate.

4. What is the average lead time?

Usually 7-10 days. But because we are a factory, we have good control over the production and delivery of orders. If your batteries are packed in containers urgently, we can make special arrangements to expedite production for you. 3-5 days at the fastest.

5. How to Store Lithium Batteries?

(1)  Storage environment requirement:under temperature of 25±2℃ and relative humidity of 45~85%

(2)  This power box must be charged every six months, and a complete charging and discharging work must be down

(3)  in every nine months.

6. In general, what functions are included in the BMS system of lithium batteries?

The BMS system, or battery management system, is a system for the protection and management of lithium battery cells. It mainly has the following four protection functions:

(1)  Overcharge and Over-discharge protection

(2)  Overcurrent protection

(3)  Over-temperature protection

7. Why is the cycle life of LiFePO4 battery has difference?

The cycle life of LiFePO4 batteries are different, which is related to the cell quality, manufacturing process and monomer consistency. The better the quality of the LiFePO4 battery cell, the higher the monomer consistency, and pay attention to the charge and discharge protection, the cycle life of the cell will be much longer.  In addition, there are also new full capacity cells and echelon cells. Echelon cells are second-hand recycled cells, so the service life of such cells will be greatly reduced.

PS: charging tips for prolonging the battery life: Shallow charge and discharge is helpful to slow down the decay rate of the battery, so the battery should be recharged as soon as possible after each discharge.

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