Solar Home System

Solar Home System
Make full use of renewable energy, clean and environmentally friendly, save electricity bills, and provide a heavy insurance for rising electricity bills.

Solar Bus Station

Solar Bus Station
Solar power supply, saving resources. Rely on solar power during the day, and use electric resources for lighting or broadcasting at night, which is very advanced in the recycling of resources.

Solar Parking Lot

Solar Parking Lot
Beautiful shape, strong practicability, energy saving and environmental protection, low cost, long-term benefits.

Solar hospital

Solar Hospital
As a public service organization with high energy consumption, hospitals are facing great pressure in the future work of energy conservation, emission reduction and consumption reduction. It is especially important to actively explore the construction and development model of green hospitals and promote the concept of green buildings and the scientific application of energy-saving and consumption-reducing technologies.

Solar base station

Solar Base Station
There are a large number of communication base stations, which are widely distributed, and must ensure continuous power supply 24 hours a day. Without access to distributed photovoltaics, once a power outage occurs, the staff needs to start a diesel generator to ensure temporary power supply, and the operation and maintenance costs are relatively high. If a distributed photovoltaic power generation system is added, no matter in terms of practicability or economy , have a very high installation value.

solar factory

Solar Factory
Industrial plants are the most widely used and most popular industrial and commercial projects. The installation of photovoltaic power plants in industrial plants can make use of idle roofs, revitalize fixed assets, save peak electricity charges, and increase corporate income by connecting surplus electricity to the grid. It can also promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and create a good society.

solar supermarket

Solar Supermarket
Shopping malls have many electrical equipment such as cooling/heating, elevators, lighting, etc., which are high-energy-consuming places. Some of them have ample roofs, and some shopping malls and supermarkets are still chains. Photovoltaic panels on the roof can play a role in heat insulation, which can reduce air conditioning in summer power consumption.

Solar Power Station
The process of solar photovoltaic power generation has no mechanical rotating parts and does not consume fuel, and it does not emit any substances including greenhouse gases. It has the characteristics of no noise and no pollution; solar energy resources have no geographical restrictions, are widely distributed and inexhaustible inexhaustible.